Western Kentucky University
Guest Accounts
Terms and Conditions of Guest Accounts

Guest Account Terms

Guest accounts can be created and sponsored by current faculty and staff members. Currently, guest accounts will allow access to the wireless network, open computer labs on campus, classroom labs and conference room computers. Faculty and Staff who create accounts for guests visiting the campus understand and agree to the following:

  1. The faculty/staff employee who creates guest accounts ("account sponsor") for use by individuals visiting campus is officially sponsoring those individuals and their use of the guest account. Therefore, account sponsors are responsible for proper use of the account and distribution of account credentials and login information to the guest account users.
  2. One account per guest user. A unique account must be created for each user. DO NOT create a generic account and give it out to multiple users. This creates a serious security problem.
  3. The Account Sponsor should inform guest users of proper usage guidelines and direct them to the IT "Policies" page (http://www.wku.edu/it/policies) for clarification.
  4. Misuse of the guest account will result in immediate account deactivation. Misuse includes but is not limited to the violation of any policies set forth in documents under the "Policies" link on the main Info Tech website page above.
  5. Account Sponsors may have their access to the guest account creation form revoked if it is determined that they are 1) not properly overseeing the accounts under their sponsorship. 2) improperly issuing accounts to individuals without a valid need. 3). issuing generic accounts to multiple users. 4). any other irresponsible activity as determined by IT management.
Blackboard Account Terms

WKU users:  All faculty, staff, and students have Blackboard accounts created for them automatically when they are first hired or enrolled.

Non-WKU users:  WKU's license to use Blackboard generally prohibits the creation of Blackboard accounts for persons who are not affiliated with Western Kentucky University. Non-affiliated persons may be eligible for temporary Blackboard accounts under special circumstances such as:

  1. Participation as a guest instructor in a WKU course
  2. Participation as a student in a program sponsored by WKU
  3. Participation as a member of a WKU committee or workgroup

While adhering to the above criteria, please describe, in detail, the purpose for this guest account in the Reason for Account box on the following pages.